Kelly Carr run from Fiarbanks to Anchorage update

FAIRBANKS, AK-Wee have a Kelly Carr update today. Carr as you have heard in our sportscasts is running from Fairbanks to Anchorage to honor the memory of her father who passed away in April from Cancer.

Carr's run is called "This One's For You" and is a part of the American Cancer Society's Runnin' Down A Dream Venture. Carr started from mile post 360 next to the Mitchell Expressway and Peger Road intersection on Saturday the 21st.

Carr is aiming to run at a marathon pace each day as her sister rides along on her bike documenting the 360 mile journey by foot.

As of yesterday in the latest GPS tracking Carr is going down the George Parks Highway having already passed the Liaho Aiport and Rex-Anna Trail. She is now approaching the Denali area.

To track Carr's progress go herer--