Kawasaki Apologizes for lack of "professionalism"


Interior Representative Scott Kawasaki has apologized for a an incident that was caught on camera during a House floor session Monday evening.
During a House floor speech by Representative Mike Chenault, Kawasaki could be seen in the background of video footage from "Gavel to Gavel" sticking out his tongue.
Tuesday, members of the Interior delegation admonished Kawasaki for the gesture, calling the action, "patently inexcusable and disrespectful."
In his apology, Kawasaki said he was simply playing to the cameras due to the length of the House session and his actions were not, in any way, directed toward Chenault, or House bill 4, which was the topic of the session.
He said "As a member of this House, I hold myself to a high standard of conduct and I take this Legislature and this legislative process very seriously and my conduct did not live up to my own standards and it does not rise up to the level of professionalism that I owe my colleagues and certainly my constituents and my district and I regret my actions as well."
Earlier Tuesday, Kawasaki also drew a rebuke from fellow House members when he asked to be excused from the call of the House from April 15 until the start of the next session in January, essentially code for not wanting to have a special session.