Jury hears murder victims final words in Lisbey trial.

"I've been shot six times....."

A 14 member jury panel in the Jacques Lisbey First Degree Murder trial, on Tuesday, was given a raw, up close and personal account of Malik Moore's last moments, as he lay

mortally wounded and barely clinging to life in a wooded area near University Avenue.

The 20 year old Moore could be heard crying on the 9-1-1 call from his own cell phone.

"Hurry up and get here, please......."

But authorities were having trouble finding him, due to the remoteness of the area.

And one more problem soon existed as well, as paramedics, made aware that an active shooter may still be in the immediate area, were not permitted to attend

to the dying man either.

"We staged on University Avenue," said Batallion Chief Jim Styers of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Fire Department. "Troopers weren't sure if their suspect

was still around, for our own safety."

When paramedics were finally given the okay, they got to Moore, but as Styers described, it was already too late.

When asked by prosecutor Corinne Vorenkamp if "resusitative measures were utilized on Mr. Moore?"

"No they were not," said the veteran firefighter.

For Moore's mother, Terrinita Smith, the last moments of her son's life were too much to bear. She removed herself from Judge Robert Downes courtroom before

the recording was played to the jury.

Jacques Lisbey is accused of shooting Moore with a 44 caliber handgun, and then fleeing the scene.

As trial moves into its sixth day Wednesday, if convicted, Lisbey faces a maximum life prison term, without the possibility of parole.