Judge orders hairs to be tested in 1987 murder conviction

The Judge has ordered hair samples to be sent to FBI for testing in the1987 murder case involving Michael Alexander.
Michael Alexander was tried and convicted of the 1987 murder of the then high school teen Kathy Stockholm.
As for the semen samples that were in question, Bill Oberly with AK Innocence Project says he believes they still exist and it's just a matter of "tracking them down."
Oberly today told the court he has located a file that was sent to West Virginia to be stored in the case, although he is not sure exactly what is inside.
The state prosecutor told the court his office has already prepared the paperwork for the hair to be tested, which the State Troopers crime lab previously brought into court to testify it was in their possession, he further stated it would take approximately 30 days to do so.
Today in Fairbanks Superior Court Judge Blankenship said he wanted to hold off on his determination regarding the case and if the new evidence would lead to reasonable probability until the court knows what is in the files and if the evidence has been located.
A status hearing in the case has been set for June 20th.