Joe Miller gears up for possible U.S. Senate run...again.

Joe Miller, the 2010 U.S. Senatorial candidate, who won the Republican Primary against incumbent Lisa Murkowski only to be defeated when she

ran as a write-in candidate in the General Election that same year, is once again setting his sights on a possible run for U.S. Senate.

Only this time, he's focused on the seat held by junior Senator, and Democrat, Mark Begich.

"We learned alot of lessons from 2010," said Miller, who spoke to News Center 11 late Friday afternoon at his law offices in downtown Fairbanks.

"But our message remains very clear. Our country is facing some very tough times presently. New blood, and changes are sorely needed."

Miller was the Tea Party favorite during his senatorial run in 2010.

His much-publicized and, as many would have it, controversial run for Murkowski's seat made headlines around the nation at the time.

The race, and Miller's victory in the primary election, stunned Alaskans on a large scale, many who touted Murkowski as an easy winner

even before the election was over.

After the primary defeat, Murkowski admitted she hadn't run what she considered a "strong" campaign, and initially was content on surrendering her position.

But she received huge backing to run a write-in campaign, much to the dismay of Miller, and given that second chance, defeated Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams

in the 2010 General Election.