Israel Keyes possibly connected to murder in Lower 48

Israel Keyes, the man charged with the disappearance and death of Anchorage barista, 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, may now be suspected the 2011 murder of a couple in Burlington, VT.

Attorney's in Vermont held a press conference stating that the disappearance of Bill and Lorraine Currier on June 8, 2011 is now considered a murder, with 34-year-old Israel Keyes named  as a suspect in the case.

According to  WCAX in Burlington, VT  Keyes told authorities where they could find the bodies of the couple, while he was questioned regarding Samantha Koenig's disappearance and murder in Anchorage while in custody.

Authorities in Vermont called off the search with no remains discovered, but Keyes was said to have been positively identified as being in the area at the time of the couple's disappearance.