Interior seniors represent in last basketball game

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ANCHORAGE-Interior high school basketball seniors had their last game in the Alaska Association of Basketball Coaches Senior All-Star Game last Friday.

It was close in the girls game but the Blue Team Wolves defeated the Golden Bears 84-84. Hutchison's Kiana Edwards scored eight points with three rebounds in the win. Galena's Shaina Burley had six and three boards while Delta's Jess Reiter scored five points and grabbed six boards. Dallas Dickerson of ACS had a game high 24 points.

In the boys game it was a 102-95 decision to the Golden Bears over the Blue Team Wolves.

The Blue Team was stacked with Lathrop's Kyle Carlson, Monroe's Scooter Bynum and Travon Backett of West Valley. Brackett tied a game high 17 points to along with six rebounds.
Bynum had 10 points and nine boards. Carlson had six and five.

Monroe's Tyler Wells had eights points for the winning Golden Bears while Colony's Damien Fulp and Immanuel Lopez of ACS both had 17 points.