Interior High School Football Schedule

FAIRBANKS-Here are some changes to the high school football schedule. The Monroe Rams will only play conference games this season. North Pole will not have a week two game against Sitka. Sitka had to cancel its first two games against Houston and North Pole due to a lack of players similar to the Rams cancelling their out of conference games. The Patriots will have an inter-squad scrimmage instead.

Also Eielson will not have any JV games this year.

For opening weekend Lathrop starts the Interior football season tonight against Dimond at 7 pm in Lathrop Stadium. Tomorrow North Pole hosts Eagle River at Patriot Pride Field at 1 pm Maybe the game of the day-Soldotna at Eielson. The medium and small schools state champions will lock horns at 1pm on Eielson Air Force Base on Buck Nystrom Field. Lastly, for the Interior the West Valley Wolfpack play at Chugiak High School taking on the Mustangs at 3 pm.

Below is a composite schedule of Interior highs school football teams.

Region VI Teams




April 9, 2013                                                                                                  * Homecoming


DATE             DAY               TIME             GAME                                   LEVEL          SITE



Aug 16                        Fri                    4/7                   Dimond @ Lathrop                JV/V                Lathrop


Aug 17                        Sat             10am                   Dimond @ Lathrop                C                     Lathrop

10/1                               Soldotna @ Eielson                JV/V                Eielson

                                                10/1                               Eagle River @ North Pole      JV/V                North Pole

                                                3                                West Valley @ Chugiak         JV/V                Chugiak           


Aug 23                        Fri                    4/7                   Palmer @ West Valley            JV/V                West Valley


Aug 24                        Sat                   1/4                   Lathrop @ Nikiski                  JV/V                Nikiski

                                                10/1                       Valdez @ Eielson                   JV/V                Eielson

                                                6pm                               Seward @ Monroe                  V                     Dipper


Aug 30                        Fri                    4/7                   West Valley @ Lathrop          JV/V                Lathrop          


Aug 31                        Sat                   10am               North Pole @ Lathrop                        C                     Lathrop

                                                TBA                Eielson @ Seward                  V                     Seward

                                                TBA                North Pole @ Juneau              JV/V                Juneau


Sept 4              Wed                TBA                North Pole @ Ketchikan        JV/V                Ketchikan


Sept 6              Fri                    3/6                   Houston @ West Valley         JV/V                West Valley

                                                4/7                   Wasilla @ Lathrop                  JV/V                Lathrop


Sept 7              Sat                   10am               Wasilla @ Lathrop                  C                     Lathrop

                                                TBA                Eielson @ Barrow                   V                     Barrow

                                                6pm                 Monroe @ Valdez                  V                     Valdez                                    


DATE             DAY               TIME             GAME                                   LEVEL          SITE


Sept 13            Fri                    3/6                   West Valley @ Wasilla           JV/V                Wasilla

                                                4/7                   Lathrop @ Colony                  JV/V                Colony

                                                6pm                 Monroe @ Eielson                  V                     Eielson


Sept 14            Sat                   10am               Lathrop @ Colony                  C                     Colony

                                                10/1     Thunder Mountain @ North Pole       JV/V                North Pole


Sept 20            Fri                    3/6                   Eielson @ West Valley*         JV/V                West Valley

4/7                   North Pole @ Colony             JV/V                Colony

4/7                   Lathrop @ Palmer                  JV/V                Palmer

6pm                 Barrow @ Monroe                  V                     Dipper


Sept 21            Sat                   10am               North Pole @ Colony             C                     Colony

                                                10am               Lathrop @ Palmer                   C                     Palmer


Sept 25            Wed                6pm                 Voznesenka @ Monroe          V                     Dipper


Sept 27            Fri                    4/7                   West Valley @ North Pole*   JV/V                North Pole


Sept 28            Sat                   10am               Lathrop @ North Pole                        C                     North Pole

10/1                 Nikiski @ Eielson*                 JV/V                Eielson

                                                12/3                 Lathrop @ Homer                   JV/V                Homer


Oct 4               Fri                    4/7                   North Pole @ Lathrop*          JV/V                Lathrop


Oct 5               Sat                   10am               North Pole @ Lathrop                        C                     Lathrop

                                                1/4pm              Colony @ West Valley           JV/V                West Valley

                                                TBA                Eielson @ Voznesenka           V                     TBA

                                                TBA                Monroe @ Nikiski                  V                     Nikiski



Below are conference team schedules.

  Aug 16-17 Aug 23-24 Aug 30-31 Sept 6-7 Sept 13-14 Sept 20-21 Sept 27-28 Oct 4-5
Great Land Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Barrow BYE Vosnesenka Nikiski Eielson Skyview at Monroe at Seward at Valdez
Voznesenka Kodiak at Barrow Valdez at Delta Seward at Nikiski at Monroe Eielson
Eielson SoHi Valdez at Seward at Barrow Monroe at West Valley Nikiski at Voz
Monroe Homer Seward at Skyview at Valdez at Eieslon Barrow Voz at Nikiski
Nikiski at Kenai Lathrop at Barrow Seward at Valdez Vosnesenka at Eieslon Monroe
Valdez Skyview at Eielson at Voznesenka Monroe Nikiski at Seward  at Kenai Barrow
Seward Delta at Monroe Eieslon at Nikiski at Voz Valdez Barrow at Delta
Northern Lights Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Homer at Monroe Kodiak Kenai at Skyview Palmer at SoHi Lathrop at Houston
Houston BYE at Skyview SoHi at West Valley at Kenai Wasilla at Kodiak Homer
Kenai Nikiski at Wasilla at Homer at Kodiak Houston at Skyview Valdez SoHi
Kodiak at Voz at Homer BYE Kenai at SoHi Thunder Mt. Houston Skyview
Skyview at Valdez Houston Monroe Homer at Barrow Kenai at SoHi at Kodiak
SoHi at Eieslon Colony at Houston at Thunder Kodiak Homer Skyview at Kenai
South East  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Juneau at Ketchikan Viewpoint (CA) North Pole at Colony Washington Sitka at Wasilla Thunder Mt.
Ketchikan Juneau BYE at Sitka (NC) North Pole Thunder Mt. JV Juneau JV at Thunder Mt. Sitka
North Pole Eagle River Sitka at Juneau at Ketchikan Thunder Mt. at Colony West Valley at Lathrop
Sitka Thunder Mt. at North Pole Ketchikan (NC) Kelseyville (CA) Juneau JV at Juneau Thunder JV Ketchikan
Thunder Mt. at Sitka Viewpoint (CA) Kelseyville (CA) SoHi at North Pole at Kodiak Ketchikan at Juneau
Cook Inlet Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Bartlett at Palmer South at Service Dimond at West East Eagle River at Chugiak
Chugiak WV West at Dimond Service at South at Eagle River at East Bartlett
Dimond at Lathrop at Eagle River Chugiak at Bartlett East West South at Service
Eagle R. at North Pole Dimond at West South at Service Chugiak at Bartlett East
East at South  Service Palmer West at Dimond at Bartlett Chugiak at Eagle River
Service Colony at East Bartlett at Chugiak Eagle River at South at West Dimond
South East at Bartlett Out of State at Eagle River Chugiak Service at Dimond West
West Wasilla at Chugiak Eagle River at East Bartlett at Dimond Service at South
Railbelt Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Colony at Service at SoHi Wasilla Juneau Lathrop North Pole at Palmer at West Valley
Lathrop Dimond at Nikiski West Valley Wasilla at Colony at Palmer at Homer NP
Palmer Bartlett at West Valley at East Woodinville at Homer Lathrop Colony at Wasilla
Wasilla at West Kenai at Colony at Lathrop West Valley at Houston Juneau Palmer
West Valley at Chugiak Palmer at Lathrop Houston at Wasilla Eielson at North Pole Colony
Independent Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Delta at Seward *NP JV-C *Eielson JV Voz BYE *at Nikiski JV BYE Seward