Inaugural "Para-Raiser" set for January 26, 2013

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- A local paranormal research team is organizing a charity event to benefit The Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska.

Seekers of Paranormal and History, or S.O.P.A.H. has announced their first ever, "Para-Raiser" to be held Saturday, January 26th at the Musher's Hall.

The paranormal group was created over two years ago and was recently featured in a cable television documentary show.

S.O.P.A.H. officials say they are hoping the rise in popularity of paranormal research will help bring in the crowd for their event, which they hope to hold every year for different non–profits in the community.

The event will feature guest speakers, prizes, food and paranormal tools and equipment for attendees to use during the event.

S.O.P.A.H. founder, Ryan French, says the day will be an all ages friendly event and all are invited.

"We hope that everybody will come, whether you're a skeptic, whether you're a believer, you want to believe but you're not sure, because the whole purpose of it is not really the paranormal factor of it," French said.  "The purpose of it is to raise money for The Breast Cancer Detection Center, that's are sole purpose, so even if you don't really care for the paranormal, you're not that big into it, at least come out and show your support for The Breast Cancer Detection Center, because, to us, that's the biggest thing."

SOPAH consists of only eight members.  They are seeking volunteers to help them with their Breast Cancer Detection Center fund–raiser vendor booths

If interested, you can contact S.O.P.A.H. at their email,, or call them at (210) 275-7984.