IGU Presents New Buildout Map

FAIRBANKS- Interior Gas Utility presented a new draft map and timeline for a natural gas distribution system this morning.  Their new map will soon be available on the IGU website, which will allow most residents to find out if natural gas will be available in their neighborhood. Members of the Energy for All Alaskans Task Force discussed different timelines with IGU, and asked how concrete the current plan is. The General Manager, Steve Haagenson says it may change based on upcoming hydraulic analysis.

The primary build-out timeline mentioned by IGU would last six years, starting in North Pole as early as 2015. Each year, a contractor would lay about 100 miles of pipe, working around Fairbanks counter clockwise, ending on Chena Ridge. The biggest slow down could come from the necessary step to build a North Slope processing plant.  The state is currently working to finance both projects, but their first priority is on the North Slope and IGU will have to wait.