Ignition Program Helps New Students

FAIRBANKS- While most students settled in to their new classes and followed a more traditional curriculum, freshmen and high school students who are new to the area had different plans, a chance to build confidence through team activities. Today was part of the ignition program and a teacher at Hutchison High School, Heather Johnson, says " We want the Freshmen and incoming students to have a really good time.” She says studies show that the better experiences a freshmen has, the more likely they will stay in school.

It was great time to make new friends and figure out how to get around these bigger schools. Student mentors played a huge role helping out as well.  Just counting West Valley, Lathrop, and Hutch there were about 130 student volunteers who can relate to these experiences and give useful tips. With these new relationships, hopefully students will feel more comfortable in their new schools.

Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders who have already attended their high school got an extra day off and will start Thursday. For more details, tune in tonight at 6 pm for the Fairbanks Evening News.