IFSS World Championships continue in Salcha

SALCHA, Ak-The 2013 World Championships of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports moved to Salcha for the one dog men's and women's skijoring events.
They started around 11 am today and here are the results.

In the 15k men's race Vesa-Peka Jurvelin of Finland took the gold coming in at 30 minutes and 11 seconds winning by 21 seconds. Coming behind Jurvelin was Ynge Hoel of Norway and fellow Norwegian Svein Ivar Moen came in third.

Mike Christman representing the US claimed sixth place by just 2.4 seconds ahead of Ludovic Coulaux of France.

For the women's 10 K Norwegians took the top two sports with Yvette Hoel and Susannah Kelly. Hoel won the gold just six seconds ahead of Kelly at 19 minutes and 7 seconds.

Americans took spots five through nine with Jamie Johnson leading the way in 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

Tomorrow will be the one dog Pulka events.