Iditarod upate, King has scratched

SAFETY-At 11:50 pm Tuesday night four-time champion Jeff King just scratched from the Iditarod just just 3.7 miles from Safety.

In a press release from the Iditarod King relayed to race officials that the wind was too difficult to continue to navigate the trails. He was with his team for over two hours before having a snowmachiner to pick him up to take him into Safety to notfiy race officilas that he officially scratched.

King was neck and neck with current leader Aily Zirkle coming down the last two checkpoint of this race. King was looking to become the second five-time winner of the Iditarod.

Zirkle is still in Safety while Dallas Seavey, the 2012 champ, who is now in second place, is out of White Mountain and heading towards Safety. Seavey was about 12 miles behind King according to GPS tracking.