Hutchison sweeps the visiting Ravens

FAIRBANKS, Ak-Last night at Hutchison High School there was some Aurora Conference Basketball action going on in the Hawks nest. The nest was being invaded by another bird, the Ravens of Eielson.

In first quarter action the Hawks went on a run to start the game and had the Ravens on their heels or talons I should say. The Hawks led 26-9 at the break talk about defense. They had three players with 7 points as well. In the second half the Ravens came alive a bit scoring 17 points in the third led by Anthony Griffin who had 11 to lead Eielson but the Hawks answered every bucket.

Darren Silas exploded with 20 in the second half and finished with a game high 27 and used two hands for safety along the way.

The final was 64-34 as Hutchison gets their first conference win and improves to 6-3.