Hutchison rolls in win over Tri-Valley

FAIRBANKS- In high school hockey yesterday the Tri-Valley Warriors with just nine players and the Hutchison Hawks went at it in the Big Dipper.

Ethan Graham in net for the Warriors-he was a Warrior making 28 saves in the first period alone. He couldn't make it 29 as Holden McCulloch for Hutch scored with just 25 seconds left in the first period.

Richie Stickle, sticks with it and ties the game at 1-1 at the 12:53 mark of the second. The tying goal was a rebound shot after his first initial miss. He had two goals for Tri-Valley.

But the Hawks would un-tie the game less than minute later with nice goal from Kevin Steffey who weaved through two defenders to get the shot in the slot.. That would spark a 4-0 run.

Gabriel Madore put one in from deep after a faceoff win. Thomas Lees and Alex Marcos would hook up twice for goals and McCulloch would score again as well. Brandon Rustad had 3 assist for the Hawks.

Hutchison wins this one 6-2. They face Delta today.