Hutch and Lathrop have key late season match in rifle

FAIRBANKS-Early this morning was a high school rifle match between two of the top teams in the Interior Hutchison and Lathrop.

This would be good competition for both teams because next weekend at EF Horton Rifle Range on UAF's campus will be the high school rifle regional championships. Hutchison won last year's regional title.

Hutchison Amy Gentry, Gabe Stutz and the Hawks went up against the Malemutes with Kasey Barnes and JT Schnering.

I talked to the shooters about going face to face with their top competition with Regionals coming up in just seven days. Stutz took time to come around for the 8 a.m. start.

"I was really tired this morning and I wasn't really thinking about competition. I just thinking about shooting, getting it over with and I was really focused," Stutz said.
Lathrop's JT Schnering didn't have his best match.

"I didn't feel the greatest but it was the competition-it was strong, so I did feel a little nervous in the beginning so that was a big effect," Schnering said.
"I think we're definitely the strongest we've been, even in the last few years even and so I think if all of us have a good day and we can put it all together we'll do really well," Lathrop senior Kasey Barnes said. "But it's going to be a close competition next week."
Gentry admits that Lathrop is the toughest competitionf or Hutchison but she thinks here team can possibly repeat at Regionals.

"We have a bunch of new shooters that are working really hard and they got their scores up so we have a chance to beat them [Lathrop] this year," Gentry said.