Hunter Rescue Reminds us to Take Precautions

KLAWOCK- The coast guard located two missing hunters near Klawock, Alaska, after they were reported overdue. Friday morning, the hunters contacted family and said they were returning to their truck, but they never checked in.  The family contacted authorities and late Saturday night a Jayhawk helicopter crew from Sitka found and transported the men to Klawock. They were experienced hunters, but they became lost during foggy weathe. Public Affairs Officer for the Coast Guard, Shawn Eggert, says it’s important for hunters to leave detailed plans with friend and family. “That information allowed for the search parties to know right where to look and help us get these guys home safely and quickly,” Eggert says.

Last night, an Alaska Wildlife Trooper found another hunter off the Parks Highway at mile 328.The hunter was separated from his partner and not prepared to camp overnight. He managed to send a text message to a family member with his location. Troopers recommend packing extra clothes and communication devices in case they get stuck out longer than expected. Hunters can leave a Wilderness Trip Plan with friends or family, which details important search and rescue information. A link to the plan can be found below.