Hot Nanooks are back home taking on NMU

FAIRBANKS, Ak-Nanook hockey fans are no doubt still raving about the two historic sweeps on the road that the hockey team was able to pull off the last two weekends. And they will be cheering on their Nooks back at home in the Carlson Center facing the North Michigan. Another feat for the now number five Nanooks would be to beat the Wildcats who have won the last 16 meetings.

The number eight Wildcats are playing as good as anybody with 5 wins and a tie in their last six games.

We caught up with the Nanooks, the College Hockey News Team of the week, at this morning's practice as they try to keep emotions even keeled after some big points grabs so they can secure more Ws at home this weekend.

Current CCHA Offensive Player of the Week Jarret Granberg says, "we try and keep our levels at a kindof medium we don't wanna be too high or too low but I think after two weekends like that just to not be so high but um I think everyones really confident right now so we're all gellin together which looks like we're doing the right things in practice so should be a good weekend for us."

"I think just our work ethic I mean that's what beat norter dame is we just kindof worked them and weld them so I mean the skill level is gonna lay apart but I think the work ethic is the biggest thing," Nanooks center Nik Yaremchuk said.

Head coach Dallas Ferguson believes it's all about being prepared. "We wanna keep the same approach and you know again its just about doing all again her Friday and Saturday and you know coming into the weekend you know Northern is playing very well right now I think there a healthy team and they've got bodies back , we've gotta be ready to go."