"Honor Flight" still off to Washington DC

Monday veterans of world war 2 who had traveled across the country to see the memorials in Washington DC were met with barricades until members of congress interceded and forced park officials to remove the barriers.

The chaos was caused by the current government shut down. But thanks to the will of the veterans, the barricades were removed and the war heroes were allowed to see the various memorials saluting and honoring their service to the United States.




According to Julie Jones with Fairbanks Festival, the "Honor Flight" that is scheduled for the Alaskan representatives includes two veterans from Fairbanks, and will now be allowed to proceed later this month to Washington DC to view the sites.

"Festival Fairbanks has taken an "Honor Flight" on the 22nd of October, and we are keeping our plans.

We are very confident that they are going to let us in.

There are over 4,000 world war two veterans scheduled this month to see their memorial in Washington DC and that's the main reason that they're traveling, and we are going to forge ahead and go ahead with that plan."