Honor Flight fundraiser

Last year World War two Navy veteran Robert Armstrong was flown to Washington DC to be treated like a king and shown numerous war memorials.

This year Navy and Army Veterans Ladd McBride and Dietrich Strohmaier (STROW-MEY-ER) will be afforded the same opportunity, thanks to a program called the "Honor Flight".

This patriotic show of support allows world war two veterans from all over the fifty states the opportunity to journey to the nation's capital to receive the just praise they earned for their efforts and sacrifices in World War two.





To help cover the costs a special fundraiser will be held this coming Saturday at the Big-I pub across the street from Denali State Bank on Cushman street.Julie Jones with Festival Fairbanks says the event will have a lot to offer. "We've got a great lineup of entertainers that are going to be entertaining all day.

We have  an outcry auction, silent auction, so many great sponsors have come forward to support the "Honor Flight".


So that we can take our World War two veterans from Alaska back to Washington DC to see their memorials."

Julie wanted to reiterate that 100 % of all the donations go to insure that the veterans will not have to dip in their pockets once while on their trip.