Hollywood actors film movie in Fairbanks

Fairbanks has become the backdrop to another Hollywood film.

For the past two weeks a crew from Los Angeles has been shooting a drama movie around the Interior's largest city.

Some of the noted actors include Academy Award nominee Graham Greene, Golden Globe nominee Sherilyn Fenn, and actor James Remar.

The film centers on a polar bear gone bad and the lead character played by Remar is charged with saving the village.

But it was local Fairbanksans who brought the film to their hometown.

Writer and Producer of the film Ron Carlson said, "Two of our executive producers, two of the people who are financing the film are from Fairbanks. And so I’ve been up here. We had done another movie with them, “All American Christmas Carol” and they wanted to bring a film to Fairbanks.”

Carlson also said he was really happy with the casting of the film which was done by the casting director who worked on the movie “Titanic.”

As for Fairbanks he added, “The area is just so beautiful; in our film that we are doing right now, the camera just loves the skies, loves the trees, loves the snow; we just put an actor in and we don’t have to light because it’s lit when we show up!”

The Newscenter will have more details on the film tomorrow during That’s InteriorTainment!