Historical figures at Woodriver

There was a report yesterday of historical figures of the past roaming the hallways of Woodriver Elementary School.It turns out those reports were right although it wasn't ghost apparitions or anything like that.

It was a special project to educate students on famous people from the past.

Two classes dressed up in costume and lined the hallways to give commentary on their particular famous person they were portraying.

They were also asked questions and graded by other students.

The teachers say they got the idea from mother schools and felt this was something their class could have fun with and learn about at the same time.

Mackenzie Staiger a fifth grade teacher says she got the idea from several sources.

"And I had heard you know kind of through the grapevine that other people in the school district and around the country do living wax museum, and so I took the idea and I ran with it.

And the kids have been super engaged with it and seem to be really enjoying it and learning more than I ever though possible. Teacher Jenny smith says her class is also getting a kick out of it. "The kids really love it and actually only half of my kids are doing it because I teach two grade levels, and the half that didn't get the opportunity to do it are really upset, they are not involved.

So we might have to do something similar with both grades next year."