High winds continue to create power outages in the Interior

Once again thousands of Interior Residents in both North Pole and Fairbanks experienced hour's long outages into the evening due to high winds of nearly 50 mph.

As of news time the power has been restored to most, but GVEA expects more outages to continue as the wind gusts knock out many trees and branches.

Hundreds of fallen trees on the power lines continue to provide issues; GVEA coins these “Cascading Outages” as one tree is cleared another falls and continues to create power loss.

GVEA crews worked well into the night on 12 hour shifts and have begun to rotate in order to get some rest and gear up for more repairs.

It is expected that the outages will continue into the evening as the winds are also expected to continue.

If you are experiencing outages you can phone the outage line or email GVEA at: info@gvea.com.