High School tennis season opens before the downpour

FAIRBANKS-It was a little wet for tennis today but Monroe and Lathrop were patient and determined to get their matches in before the rain came down again. It was raining all morning and early afternoon today. After a delay for the courts to dry the two teams served up the first action of the Interior high school tennis season at 3:30 on the DAN RAMRAS community tennis courts.

Everyone got some play with two singles boys matches, a mixed doubles, girls doubles and boys doubles matches. Rachel Jordan and Brett Carlson handled business for Lathrop early winning 6 straight games to win the first set over Nick Fleming and Madison Marlow of the Rams.

The enthusiastic Rams boys doubles team of Nathaniel Brose and Sebastian Griffin won 6-0 to take the first set over Kyle Hackett and James Kardash.

In boys singles Sam Greenberg and Win Ostanik faced off. Greenberg had a nice volley for a game winner. Ostanik rallied a bit to make it 4-2 but Greenberg did enough to take the first set 6-2.

On court one the top boys went at it. Lathrop's Alex Jordan and senior Ryan Burke of Monroe were neck and neck for much of the first set. Jordan had some serving issues faulting several times but managed to stay within range of Burke. Burke had a very patient game forcing Jordan to return some tough shots. Burke would take the first set 6-4.

Eielson and Hutch were slated to take the court after but that would be postponed as well as the West Valley and North Pole match due to rain. Results from these opening matches will be announced when available.