Hangar 5 Now Open

FAIRBANKS- It was a big day of change for members of the 6-17 Cavalry Regiment, which consisted of moving hangars and a division realignment. Executive Officer of the unit, Major Adam Camarano says the new hangar is bigger and better. "We had a smaller hanger that not all the helicopters could fit in so we had to spread them out over several facilities on the airfield as well as our maintainers and our headquarters were in separate buildings, so Hangar 5 is going to allow us to bring all the aviation specialties into one facility."

This was more than just a ribbon cutting ceremony for a 67-million-dollar hangar, it also marked a shift for the unit, which is no longer part of US Army Pacific. They realigned with the Second Infantry Division headquartered in South Korea. As officials said, their arm patch changed, but the mission in Alaska is the same. "Right now we’ll still be supporting USARAK here on Ft Wainwright and JBER and we continue to look forward to support anyone else that we are required to," Maj. Camarano said.