GVEA says members won't see loss in power due to Flint Hills shutdown

Fairbanks- Golden Valley Electric Association says, they too were amongst those who found out about Flint Hills' Closure yesterday afternoon.

CEO Cory Borgeson said that although there were some red flags earlier in the year with Flint Hills operations they received a phone call about an hour and half before the press release went out to the public.

GVEA receives 29 percent of its power from oil, most of which comes directly from the Flint Hills Refinery.

Borgeson says members will not experience power shortages as a result of the pending closure however; GVEA cannot predict whether its prices will be affecting by the change as they are based directly on the cost of fuel.

He said, "It's certainly going to affect Golden Valley, we purchase our fuel from Flint Hills that we operate our gas turbines on and we're going to have to find alternative sources of fuel but I will say that Flint Hills has contacted us and said that they'll still be able to provide us most of our fuel so because they're going to continue to provide a terminal, they just won't be refined here in North Pole.”