GVEA members experience outage


A widespread outage has been reported to Golden Valley Electric Association.

According to Corinne Bradish, Spokeswoman for GVEA, the Intertie from Anchorage went out which has caused the outage to areas of Fairbanks and North Pole.

The cause for the disruption of the Intertie is still unknown at this time however, GVEA is using local oil fire generation to bring all members back online as soon as possible.

Most areas affected experienced an outage of about 15 to 20 minutes but some areas still report power outages.

According to GVEA, the Intertie is what brings natural gas fueled power to the Interior at a  more cost effective rate and when the line is disrupted the city and surrounding areas will begin to fall offline.

GVEA is working to get all members restored and says you can contact them on their outage line at 452-1151 or on their social media site, “Golden Valley Electric Association.”