GVEA asks for conservation


Golden Valley Electric Association is asking for the community to conserve power while a coal–fired plant is shut down.
Healy Unit 1 is not the same plant as the often mentioned Healy Clean Coal plant, now referred to as Healy Unit 2, however it is a plant that produces a majority of power for GVEA.
The plant will be shut down until May 6th for maintenance, while crews disassemble the turbine.
This type of maintenance must be conducted every 5 to 8 years.
During the shutdown, GVEA is asking for the community's help by conserving energy.
They say the less power you use, the less likely it is that GVEA will be forced to turn to expensive, oil–fired power to meet demand.
Cory Borgeson, President & CEO of GVEA told Newscenter11 "As we put down the coal plant we're going to have to run oil–fired turbines and they're much more expensive as most of the community knows, so we've taken a hint here of what's going on elsewhere in the industry and we're asking our members here, signaling to them that, hey if you can conserve your power here, we can use less expensive generation and save, ultimately, in the cost of power to you."