Guilty pleas for man accused of shooting Fairbanks teen Teil Diaz

FAIRBANKS- Guilty pleas today for the Fairbanks man accused of shooting teenager Teil Diaz in the forehead.

As part of a plea deal, Edward Ginnis pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault in the 3rd degree; a charge for which he would serve 2-years in jail.

Fairbanks District Attorney Joe Dallaire said the state believed, according to evidence provided by Alaska State Troopers, that the shooting was accidental "with criminal negligence;" and further, that Ginnis believed the gun was actually a lighter when he pulled the trigger.

Family members of Diaz were upset with the plea deal, saying they thought Ginnis should be charged with attempted murder.

Darlene Herbert, The victim's aunt, said the teen's recovery will be a daily struggle for the rest of their lives.

"She will never work again; she's like a child again," Herbert said, "she can only say words like come, go... She has to travel to Seattle every month for treatment and that will continue."

Sentencing for Ginnis is set for October.