Grizzly bear sighted in Goldhill area

FAIRBANKS - Biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are warning residents in the Goldhill area of a confirmed bear sighting.

At least two different people called into Fish and Game last evening reporting the bear; both sightings were within a half mile radius.

One resident reported that the same bear, an adult Grizzly, entered his yard twice.

Biologists say their main concern at this point is to keep the community informed and alert that this bear is around that area.

They warn that it is important to keep garbage put away, along with any sort of bird or animal feed, and to report the bear if it is seen.

We spoke to Tony Hollis, a biologist with Fish and Game, about the safety of the area.

He said, "It could become dangerous of course. If this bear gets conditioned to human food and just starts rummaging through human food it could become a problem yes."

He emphasized the importance of reporting any sightings of the bear, saying "We will try to locate where he is going to be. If we try to chase him right now it will just be a game of cat and mouse."