Grim Reaper Project Raises Awareness

FAIRBANKS- Lathrop juniors, with the help of the office of prevention and intervention, planned a somber activity for students to learn an important message. There was a group of grim reapers walking the halls of Lathrop High School. Each period, they removed four students from class and gave them t-shirts with a statistic. Lathrop Junior, Trevion Roberts says “the T-shirts are supposed to symbolize- like you’re dead for the day, you’re not allowed to talk to them, there just not there today.  It is an example of if their friend was gone.

Students against Destructive Decisions or SADD, wanted to raise awareness about dangerous activities that teens sometimes choose Some of the shirts gave statistics about deaths related gang violence and murder, others related to texting and driving, alcohol and drug use, guns and shooting accidents.

The group has done an activity each day to raise awareness about health and safety issues. The Grim Reaper project was their culminating activity for the week.