Governor in town to speak to disabled veterans

Governor Sean Parnell was in Fairbanks today, to speak at the Disabled American Veterans convention that's going on at the Westmark Fairbanks hotel.

The governor said it's their 25th convention, and that he wanted to give his thanks for the work they do and have done.

He said he couldn't stay in Fairbanks long, because  he had to get back to Juneau for the time remaining in this years  legislative session.

He had three main goals for this years session.

"One is creating educational opportunities for our kids, two is making progress on that gas line, and three is making that unfunded pension liability, making that sustainable in terms of our payments of it. Paying down the debt and then lowering our fixed annual costs. Those three items were making some good progress on, great progress on gas line, great progress on more education opportunity.  We're having a bit of a battle on unfunded pension liability but well be able to work that out in the end too."