Google to help Local Business find a Website

FAIRBANKS, Ak - Google affiliates will be in Fairbanks to host the Alaska Get your Business Online Event this Friday.

At this event there will be a series of workshops to get obtain a website for businesses.

Those in attendance will learn how to grow their business presence online.

The event is set for 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, August 30 at the Carlson Center.

Google representatives say seats for the event are still available, but going fast.

If you are interested please Call 1–800–986–6852 to register.

You can also register online though their website.

“Only 58 % of small businesses in the US and in Alaska do not currently have a website, so those 58 percent of businesses are basically digitally invisible,” says Google marketing manager Emily Harris. “The consumers who are looking for their products and services online, but since they do not have a website we're going to be walking them through and hosting a work shop where they can start creating their website during the session and if they choose they can choose to publish their website and walk out the door with a website when they walk in without one."