Goldpanners get back to back wins

FAIRBANKS, AK-Your Alaska Goldpanners were able to continue their momentum from an 18-6 drubbing of the San Francisco Seals on Tuesday. Last night at Growden Memorial both teams displayed some decent defense early on as the Seals and Panners went scoreless in the first two innings.

Starter Nathan Bannister even sacrificed part of his leg on a line drive but shortstop David Fletcher was there for a nice throw to get the out. Then in the bottom of third inning the Goldpanners got on base. A pop up by Fletcher turns into a base hit as three Seals don't know what to do with it and it hits the ground. Nick Catalano rips a single down first base and Jimmy Sinatro does the rest beating the throw to home for the score. Sinatro went 2 for 3 with two runs and two stolen bases. Three runs by the home team in the third inning.

Four pitchers combine for a two hitter and the rest of the defense got the outs. The Panners get a 4-2 win and take a 2-1 series lead.

"I think we started to play a little bit better as a team, trusting each other to do their own jobs individually and that's carrying over to almost killing the other teams' momentum at the plate, so I think that's the big key there. Putting those 3 runs up early it was nice to kind of get ahead and let our pitching kind of relax." Goldpanners manager Bryan Harris said.

"I think they're starting to learn a lot about the game and it's not just a caveman game where you just go out there and get things done and do it without thinking. You have to think, you have to anticipate and if you do all those things then good things happen."