Go Red

Tomorrow one of the biggest fund raisers in the Fairbanks community will kick off at the Carlson Center sharply at 7:30 in the morning.

The "Go Red" conference will begin the day tomorrow morning with a men's breakfast followed at 11;15 with the always popular "Go Red" luncheon.

The event will feature many speakers including a former CBS celebrity Weatherman and morning show host Mark McEwen.




Mr. McEwen is recovering from a massive stroke and is traveling about the country talking about what good health and lower blood pressure can do to avoid a potential health tragedy.

''Well I had high blood pressure, but everyone in News I knew had high blood pressure. I think that was part of the gig.

So I've lost about 40 pounds, I was heavier. So when you get up at 4 in the morning, you talk about going to the gym, you don't go.

So I was a ticking time bomb." Mark says he will be getting back into television with a new TV show he will be hosting in the Orlando, Florida area.