Giant Dog Team Pull Giant Bus

FAIRBANKS, Alaska- Normally, a stop on the Riverboat Discovery gives visitors a taste of dog mushing. This morning the owner of Trail Breaker Kennel, David Monson, wanted to give something more. He hooked up 30 dogs and pulled a 38,000 pound bus using only dog power. That's over 1,300 lbs per dog.


Monson is a veteran local musher, having run the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. He says they spent two years planning this demonstration to make sure the dogs were safe and he says he's never run a team like this. “I tell you what my heart is still pounding. There's no doubt about it that that was exciting."

Monson says he hopes everyone enjoyed the show because, “it's something we're not gonna do again. If you succeed at something, sometime, maybe you ought to call it a day."

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