GFRA race highlights

FAIRBANKS, AK-On Saturday night the GFRA had a full weekend of racing at the Mitchell Raceway. Some highlights from the races was Scott Sluka. Sluka swept the modified class winning the two heats and the main event. Also in that class Derrick Coghill wipes out into the fence area pretty much taking a portion of it down in turn four. This happened in the second heat racebut thankfully he was unharmed and returned for the final race.

Mike Small came up big winning the dollar stock 15 lap main event.

The race of the night. The mini bombers had a 50 lap main event and there was a wreck with the 27, 88, and 60 cars in lap 36. The drivers would be ok. The leader through much of the race was Jason Mayrand but he ran his engine too hot and he couldn't finifh which opened the door for the 30 car. 30 was driven by Christina Miller who wins the 50 lap endurance race.

The sprint and gladiator classes which were supposed to happen this past weekend are slated for races this weekend.