GFRA has two races go down to the final lap

FAIRBANKS, AK-Friday night at the Mitchell Raceway was the GFRA's Military Appreciation Night. The Mini Bombers and Dollar Stock classes had the races of the night.

But first the Gladiators bump to pass class in their second race of the year had the little mini bomber car #89 driven by Joseph Heath win.

John Clemmons of Wasilla driving the black 77 car won the 50 lap street stock race. #42 John Clarkson who won the second heat #42 Dave Somers crashed and wrecked in the race but they were ok.

In the modified class in the blue #55 Scott Sluka won the main event and the first heat. He is also the points leader.

Colby Hill driving the green and white 56 won the sprint class main event and the second heat.

In Mini Bombers Christina Miller won her first main event passing on the inside on the final lap to win barely beating Jayson Mayrand in the 15 car who led most of the race.

In Dollar Stock Ryan Coghill in the red and black 8 car, a Hutchison senior, won despite a smokey final turn. He describes finish.

"When the car made all the smoke I was kind of worried that I might hit him and not win. But I just took it slow and tried to avoid him," Coghill said.
"Well I just watching him the last probably six laps. Kept seeing him [Mayrand] going high and I kept trying to make it and I couldn't do it and finally I did it," Miller said as she describes her Mini Bomber victory.

"It's patience, it's speed, it's strategy. It's-the point is to go out there and have fun and that's what we do," Miller said.