The GFRA changes race start time

FAIRBANKS, AK-The Greater Fairbanks Racing Association will be gearing up for races this Friday. There are a few races left and there has been some separation in the points standings after last week's races.

There was a 35 lap main event in the sprint class. It was scheduled for 50 laps but was reduced because it was getting dark out. The GFRA has made a change to timing.

Starting this Friday races will be start at 6:30 and the gates will open at 5:30.

Now the current GFRA points standings.

Steve Spencer, with 603 points, has a little breathing room over Jason Mayrand (559 points) in the mini-bombers with a 44 point lead.

Chris Stagdon is ahead in dollar stock with 588 points. Ed Burger (517 points) and Shane Neal (438 points) are cruising in the B and street stock class. Both have triple digit points leads intheir classes.
Scott Sluka (526 points) led the modified class for much of the season but recent wrecks and mechanical issues have opened the door for Zach Harpole (554 points) who now has a 28 point lead.

Lastly, in the sprint class, Angel Sundberg, the rookie, is trying to hold to the top spot (481 points) with a three point lead over Jay Coghill (478 points).

There are now six points race left.