Getting ready for the fire season

Even though we have just come out of a long wet cold winter, the grasses around the area are drying rapidly and are becoming a fire hazard.Already a couple of small wildfires have been ignited in the Fairbanks area, but they were quickly extinguished.

Many residents are taking this opportunity to clear land and prepare their lawns for the upcoming summer.

One method used is to burn the top layer of the lawn.

Home owners need to insure that before they do any burning at all that they procure a burn permit from the Division of Forestry.

Maggie Rogers with the Division of Forestry says the fire season upcoming will have plenty of fuel to work with.

"Well we are frequently including the last few days and into the near future we'll be running on fires that are caused by debris burns.

And we do have a burn permit system, it's on line at, and it talks about the safe burning guidelines to burn grass.

To burn debris you need a burn permit.

And you can obtain that on line, and then there are suspensions that potentially shut down your burning operations on dryness or wind conditions that are not prone to public safety.