General Member Luncheon

FAIRBANKS - When it comes to oil revenue in the State, the bottom line is that 33 percent of the jobs in Alaska are related in one way or another to oil companies.

Today at the Carlson Center during the weekly Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, an official with a consulting firm that analyzes economic statistics for the State revealed many interesting facts about the value of oil companies and the jobs they provide.

Donna Logan with the McDowell Group went on to say that within the Fairbanks North Star Borough, oil companies employ more than 3500 people, and generate close to 235 million dollars in wages.

She told us "Fairbanks is a significant contributor with the industry. You know you've got your Trans-Alaska Pipeline System folks living here, you've got people that work on the slope that live here, you've got your refineries, your Flint Hills, and your Petro Star as well. And then there's all the industry that supports those folks who are generating revenue for our state."