Geese to return soon

One sure sign of spring in the interior was evident today as graders and snow blowers from the airport were busy at Creamers Field clearing snow.
The heavy equipment was working in conjunction with the Department of Fish and Game to begin grooming the field for the return of the groups of birds that make Fairbanks their home for spring and summer.
Last weekend there were reports of the first Canadian geese being spotted down in the Delta Junction area. According to Fisha nd Game's Cathie Harms, the birds will be welcome.

"We have one of the very first visible rights of spring coming on now.
Our friends at the Fairbanks International Airport brought over equipment and are helping plow the fields and putting the snow into berms to expose bare grounds so that the fields will actually melt
faster and attract more migrating birds.
Right after we get the fields plowed, and the melt starts happening in earnest, our friends at the Boreal Kiwanis group spread grain for the geese, waterfowl, all the different birds that migrate through and try to make them as welcome as
possible here at Creamers and in fact convince them
That this is the place to be and not the airport or other places where they can present a safety hazard."