Gas trucking

One thing Alaskans have heard over the past decades is the promise of new oil or gas. Unfortunately, the end result is that those projects eventually are canceled.

However lately a new proposal for trucking liquid natural gas from the North Slope is gaining momentum and shows promise.

Today at the Princess Hotel before an overflowing crowd, representatives from the Alaska Energy Authority updated the gathering of businessmen, contractors, and sales personnel on the status of the project to truck the gas into the interior by 2015.




According to Deputy Director for Alaska Energy Authority Gene Therriault everything is on course.""We really are pushing a very aggressive schedule to deliver natural gas into the community at a price delivered to them would be able to cut their heating bill on an annual basis by about 40 to 50 percent.

We haven't run into any "show stoppers" yet, that would be delivered to them on a natural gas distribution system that would be underground."