Galena man pleads innocent to stabbing.

Attorneys for a 26 year old Galena man have entered pleas of innocence to Felony Assault charges connected to a stabbing incident in the

Interior community.

Frederick Huntington, Junior was arraigned Tuesday in front of Fairbanks Superior Court Judge Michael McConahy.

Trial in his case is set for the summer, and will be held in Nenana.

Huntington faces a maximum 10 years in jail if convicted.

According to Galena Police, the unidentified male victim says he and Huntington's mother had asked Huntington to leave,

when Huntington "became violent" and struck his mother.

The man says he intervened by punching Huntington in the face, prompting Huntington to stab him multiple times.

When interviewed by police, Huntington says he acted in self-defense.