A Future for the Polaris Building?


A man who wants to turn the Polaris building downtown into a multi story  garden addressed the Fairbanks city council Monday night.
Robert shields says he needs to raise two million dollars to buy and start renovating the building.
The former Polaris hotel at second and lacey has been vacant for over ten years.
Last year, the city of Fairbanks declared it a dangerous building unfit for human occupancy.
Building owner Marc Marlow told the city he is working on a plan with a developer, and will meet with the council may 6th to provide a status update.
Councilor Jim Matherly commented "This gentleman... I respect what he had to say, but as a citizen I would much rather contribute to something that's got a million dollars than a downtown building that is filled with pigeon droppings and broken pipes. I think that you generate a whole lot more interest than a very small startup thing than a sixty to eighty million dollar down town building."