Future Army drawdowns possibly affecting Fairbanks

Monday evening at 7pm in the Frontier Club located on Fort Wainwright, the public will have an opportunity to voice their concerns about potential military reductions by the year 2020.

The U.S. Army has put together a plan called the Programmatic Environmental Assessment or P.E.A.

The PEA would reduce Army numbers worldwide by a margin of 70,000 plus.

Fort Wainwright and all of USARAK could experience a change in the number of civilians and soldiers.

The three Mayors from Fairbanks and North Pole are enlisting the public to give testimonials as to why Fort Wainwright should not be included in these proposed drawdowns.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins said he hopes the public will turnout.

"So there are a series of listening sessions across the country that speak to the Army's environmental assessment to reduce 8 Stryker brigades from their strength.

That means then Fort Wainwright is one of those bases that could have a combat brigade reduced.

We hope that in the environmental assessment it could be increased by a thousand soldiers for Fort Wainwright so the brigade would stay and we would grow.

The base can handle that, the base has the capacity, and the base is in an excellent strategic location for that."