Furloughed Employees Return to work; DFAS receives 'final guidance' for pay

As of yesterday 54 civilian employees who were furloughed returned to work at Fort Wainwright.

These Department of Defense Employees were part of United States Army Alaska and deemed “essential” to the mission capabilities and morale of soldiers at the Army Post.

This decision left DOD members who were part of U.S. Army Garrison command in limbo yesterday waiting to see when or if they would be recalled.

As of today, Garrison Command was given that authorization to also recall all of their furloughed civilians to return to work.

Chief of Public Affairs Ltc. Alan Brown stated, “just about every function we have is enabled by a Department of the Army Civilian,” he said that “this is going on at the highest levels and we here at USARAK have to take it one day at a time.”

Although the workers returned to work, many DOD and Military Members still remain concerned about the mid-month pay, due to hit their accounts on October 15th.

Although the President signed a bill to protect the soldier’s pay, the Defense Finance and Account Service or DFAS who pay the soldiers said, “We are awaiting further guidance from the Department of Defense to ensure we accurately implement all elements of the Act,” making many question whether or not they would receive their pay.

Today, DFAS announced, that final guidance was received and, “Normal pay and allowances have been processed and you will receive them in your mid-month pay. The amount reflected in your mid-month statement will be deposited.”

DFAS went on to also say that they have been authorized to begin processing other payments to include re-enlistment bonus payments, separation payments, amongst others and they should be received in member’s bank accounts over a period of days.

However, Civilian DOD employees pay remains a question as DFAS stated, “All employees will receive normal pay through September 30. The amount of pay for Oct 1-5 will be dependent on whether an employee is exempt, excepted from furlough or furloughed. Pay will be received on your normal pay dates beginning Oct 11.”