Fundraiser for recovering couple

FAIRBANKS - An elderly couple continues to recover from serious injuries they sustained when some horses bolted from a carriage at a gathering weeks ago at the Raven Landing Senior Community Center.

Today, relatives and close friends of the hospitalized couple held a very special fundraiser at the Doyon building.

Donors contributed to purchase lunch boxes, and participated in raffles in an effort to cover some of the medical costs for the couple.

Lavern Huntington, one of the family members says the couple is slowly recovering, but it will be a while before they can come back to Fairbanks.

She said "They're healing, it's going to be a long slow process. We have hope that they will have full recovery, but they are talking long term care for both of them. Because my brother in law Harold he's got dementia, and Virginia she's confused from the accident, she's really badly injured."