A fun day at UAF


If you're looking for something the whole family can do for fun tomorrow, head on up to the Reichardt (ry-cart) building up at UAF.

The 20th annual "Science Potpourri" will be offering families an opportunity to be a scientist for the day with a variety of experiments, displays, and hands-on activities.

The event is free and opened to the public from noon until 3pm.

Additionally scientists from numerous departments will be there to answer questions and present a variety of demonstrations.

Jacy Pietsch from the UAF Chemistry Department says this event will have something for everyone.

"they just bring fun activities, things that are interesting to kids.

Either hands-on demos to kind of show the principles of science or they have like pieces of scientific equipment that

you can play with. It's just a really fun event, lots of energy, lots of smiles and laughter and kids get to learn all kinds of new things."