FPD Working to solve the burglaries


The Fairbanks Police Department has been working to catch the person responsible for the wide spread burglaries of businesses happening since September of 2012.

Carl E. Gage was arrested in connection with 17 burglaries and a possibility of up to 6 more.

Another business,, Aurora Drilling, was burglarized on New Year's Day.

Fairbanks Police caught that suspect, Christopher Nuss, in action at 3pm on January 1st as they surrounded the building.

Nuss forced his way inside of the building by kicking down the door, and has subesequently been charged with Burglary as well as Criminal Mischief.

FPD says this is something that *does tend to happen yearly.

Newscenter 11 spoke to Detective Gibson with the Fairbanks Police Department about the frequency of burglaries in the Interior, and what is recommended to help prevent or solve the cases.  

He told us ""I've been doing this for about 5 years and historically every year we go through this. Video surveillance though in this day and age with Sams Club, or other local vendors that offer as well, or stuff you can just get off the internet a stand–alone unit, even a couple hundred bucks or less, those units are just as good if not better than some of your more expensive units. You can spend a lot of money you can spend a little bit of money, but I think video surveillance is the biggest help, for us, to do our job."